Death Benefits

100 Club

Line of Duty Deaths

The 100 Club assists dependents of law enforcement officers and firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty. Assistance will begin after The 100 Club has received written notification confirming a line of duty death has occurred from the chief executive officer of the involved agency and that the deceased officer or firefighter had dependents. Financial assistance is not provided in line of duty deaths where there are no surviving dependents.

Upon written notification of the line of duty death, The 100 Club will present the surviving spouse with a letter expressing condolences from the Board and $20,000 to assist with any immediate financial needs. This presentation usually takes place within 72 hours of our notification.

When the time is appropriate, representatives of our Benefits Committee will contact the surviving spouse to make arrangements to meet and discuss the family’s financial situation. The result of that meeting will be shared with the full Benefits Committee who will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval. After approval, the family will be presented with the Club’s gift. A press release is sent to the media in an effort to inform the public of the gift. This presentation is usually held at the monthly Board meeting and the news media is usually invited to the luncheon meeting.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife

Annual Leave

Amount earned ranges from 8 to 21 hours monthly depending on:

  • Number of years of state service
  • Whether employee in full-time or part-time

Sick Leave

  • Accrued at the rate of 8 hours per month for full-time employees. Part-time employees earn sick leave at a rate proportional to the hours worked.

Group Insurance

A comprehensive group health and life insurance program is available to full-time and part-time employees and provides for:

  • 90 day wait for health insurance for new employees or rehired employees with a break in coverage
  • Employee basic health plan (100% premium paid by the state for full-time employees or 50% for part-time employees)
  • Additional coverage for the employee and dependents


  • Each employee becomes a member of the State Employees Retirement System.
  • 90 day wait before becoming a member of the State Employees Retirement System for new employees or rehired employees with a break in service
  • Six percent is deducted from each employee’s monthly salary.
  • The state contributes a percentage as determined by the Legislature.
  • Employees who resign before becoming eligible for retirement may request a refund plus interest.

Workers Compensation

  • The Workers Compensation Act applies to employees of this department and provides for medical, lost-time, and disability payments for on-the-job injuries.


  • Each session of the State legislature establishes a holiday schedule for state employees which includes most major state and federal holidays.

Training and Staff Development Opportunities

  • Extensive in-house training program offering a variety of courses for professional and personal growth and development
  • Out-of-agency participation in various conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Academic and continuing education at colleges and universities

Other Benefits

  • Include longevity pay, merit salary increases, deferred compensation, flexible benefits plans, a 401K retirement plan, direct deposit for paychecks, staggered work hours, Employee Assistance Program and a Return to Work Program

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