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The Texas Game Warden Association Scholarship Fund was established by the Warden members and associate members of the TGWA at Kerrville, Texas in 1984. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist students in earning and advanced education who otherwise might not be able to afford this education.

The Texas Game Warden Association(TGWA) Scholarship Committee selects recipients according to donor guidelines. The TGWA has a $1,700.00 a year scholarship payable in $850.00 per semester increments. Scholarships are available to students who maintain a 2.8 or better grade point average (GPA) each semester. APPLICATION DEADLINES are February 1, for the following school year.

The TGWA Scholarship will be administered under the general supervision of the scholarship committee. The five members of the committee will be appointed by the President of the Association from current members, either voting, non-voting or associate. The committee is responsible for advertising and interpreting the scholarship to applicants, receiving and evaluating applications, and recommending to the Board of Directors of the TGWA what individuals are selected. Procedures and policies for the administrators of the TGWA scholarships are established and may be altered by the Board of Directors of the TGWA.

One new scholarship will be awarded each spring, unless there are no applications submitted within the requirements. Each individual scholarship is intended to be not more than $6,800.00, payable in one $850.00 payment for each of four consecutive spring semesters, and one $850.00 payment for each of four consecutive fall semesters. The individual holding the scholarship will be evaluated at the end of each of these semesters to determine whether or not he or she is eligible to continue receiving the scholarship for the next semester.

Summer semester hours are eligible for scholarship assistance with prior approval of the Board/Committee. The portion of the total $6,800.00 scholarship used in this way shall be deducted from the end.

The funds will be sent directly to the Financial Aid Office of the Texas college or university of choice before registration for the particular semester. These funds are intended to help offset registration fees, tuition, books, and any other fees normally associated with college attendance.

Criteria for selection of individuals awarded this scholarship shall include financial need, academic excellence, personal accomplishment, entrance examination scores, references from non-family members concerning participation in such activities and school, church and community affairs, and intended field of study. Honesty, character, morals, trustworthiness, and adherence to the laws of Texas and the United States may also be used in the selection of recipients and determination for continuing the scholarship.

Individuals selected for this scholarship must pursue a curriculum leading to either an Associate of Bachelor Degree from a Texas university, college, or junior college. In order to be eligible to continue to receive this scholarship for the next eligible semester, the recipient must have passed a minimum of 12 semester hours with a GPA of at least 2.8 in the previous semester.

Missed semesters due to extenuating circumstances will be evaluated for continuing eligibility by the Board/Committee on a case by case basis. A letter of explanation and request must be submitted to the TGWA office for Board review and decision.

In addition to the basic requirements of application for the scholarship, the following items must appear in the application, the absence of anyone resulting in the ineligibility of the applicant. All applicants must:

  1. Provide a letter of acceptance/admission to a Texas college, university, or junior college accredited by the State of Texas.
  2. Submit an “Official Sealed” full high school/college transcript showing the applicants rank in the graduating class and SAT scores or the equivalent.
  3. Submit a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR), request for financial assistance, showing Pell Grant Index (PGI) and Family Contribution (FC). This request for financial assistance (available from high school/college counselors) should be made no later than January 1 to assure return before the TGWA deadline of February 1st.
  4. Be enrolled in or plan to enroll in a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours, and maintain the minimum standard of study.
  5. Maintain a minimum of 2.8 GPA each semester.
  6. Complete and sign the TGWA scholarship application and return it to the TGWA by February 1 preceding the school year being applied for.
  7. Submit a resume or informal letter stating why you feel you should be selected for a scholarship.
  8. Submit a minimum of three sealed original letters of reference from persons other than relatives of the applicant, no more than one of which shall be from an academic source (teacher, counselor, etc.)
  9. Sign a release of transcript to the TGWA.
  10. Be a high school graduate or equivalent. Please be sure to complete all sections of the Scholarship Application and Financial Information Form, and submit all necessary documentation as requested. This will insure proper consideration of your application without unnecessary delay. All eligible applicants will be notified by a representative of the TGWA Scholarship Committee regarding their selection of the recipient of the scholarship for which they have applied.
  11. Copies of SAT or ACT scores.


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Should you have any questions, Please call the TGWA Office (325) 948-3021