Texas Game Wardens participate in First Response Efforts for Hurricane Harvey Relief

TGWA Hurricane Harvey Relief Response

The Texas Game Warden Association is keenly aware of the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey and its impact on Texans. Among those severely impacted are nearly 50 TPWD employees who have suffered extreme damage or total loss of their homes. The association has been contacted by many state agencies throughout the nation and also sister associations that want to provide much needed relief for victims of this disaster.

The Texas Game Warden Association can serve the victims of Hurricane Harvey best by partnering with the TPW Commission and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation who have already responded by activating the TPWD Employee Relief Fund. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation has the application and funding structure in place to provide expedited assistance to the Hurricane Harvey Victims. This week, the Foundation has processed and wired over $189,000 in grants to 69 TPWD employees who have been displaced or left homeless because of this historic storm. These funds have been directly wired into the TPWD employees' accounts, providing them with immediate assistance in real time. 100% of funds raised benefit employees and their families, TPWF does not recoup any administrative fees.

The number of TPWD employees that will require assistance is still rising as people return home to survey the damage. It is estimated that the TPWD Relief Fund will need up to an additional $200,000 to meet the needs of displaced TPWD employees.

The following link has been provided for those of you that want to join with us in making a contribution to help the TPWD employees who have lost so much. No amount is too small to assist in the relief to these professions who have sacrificed to serve our great state.

Donations can be made online for the TPWD Employee Relief Fund, or by calling the Foundation office at 214-720-1478.


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For more than a generation, the Texas Game Warden Association (TGWA) has introduced young Texans to the beauty and value of our land and wildlife. TGWA’s members have devoted millions of hours, as well as funding, to educate more than 300,000 boys and girls.

Natural role models, Game Wardens are uniquely qualified professionals teaching outdoor skills to youth hungry for one-on-one relationships and for hands-on experience with the outdoors. Our members are made up of Game Wardens, concerned citizens, landowners, and businesses that share our commitment to preserving the rich heritage and wildlife of Texas.

We encourage and invite you to become a part of this special organization. Your support is critical to the association’s ultimate goal of “Conservation for Future Generations.”

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Texas Game Warden Memorial 2013
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The Texas Game Warden Association (TGWA) magazine, “Texas Game Warden” is a quarterly publication that has been in circulation since 1979. TGWA is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the youth of Texas how to enjoy fishing, hunting and the outdoors safely and wisely. Texas Game Warden Magazine Our motto is “Conservation for Future Generations.” The outdoor experience available to our grandchildren needs to be one of quality, and it is up to all of us to ensure that.


Texas Game Wardens are widely recognized as the best-trained corps of conservation officers in the country. They carry on a proud tradition that began at the turn of the 20th century when the Texas Legislature passed the first game laws to protect the Lone Star State. Since then, Texas Game Wardens have dedicated themselves to protecting the state’s natural resources for future generations.

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